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Agronomy consulting

We are a leading agronomic consulting service focused on helping farmers and growers achieve maximum crop productivity and health. Our agronomists are highly trained specialists with expertise in soil science, plant nutrition, and integrated pest management.

We offer customized solutions based on field-level analysis and monitoring. Our services include:

 Soil testing and nutrient management plans: We analyze your soil to determine nutrient deficiencies and imbalances. Then provide recommendations to optimize fertilizer inputs for ideal crop health.

• Crop scouting and pest control: Our agronomists regularly scout your fields to detect pests, weeds, and disease early. We develop tailored pest control solutions using the latest IPM techniques to minimize environmental impact.

 Precision agronomy: Leveraging GPS, GIS mapping, and variable rate technology, we create customized management plans for different zones in each field based on variations in soil, pest, and yield factors. This precise planning optimizes inputs and maximizes yields.

• Consulting and training: Tap into our agronomists’ expertise through consulting and training services. We educate on the latest best practices in soil health, sustainable farming, pest management, and precision agriculture techniques.

With our science-based agronomic insights and solutions, we help boost crop yields, improve quality, increase profitability, and promote sustainable growing practices. Contact us today to learn how we can support your operation.

30 years

of experience working with climate-smart agriculture

20 years

of working across Europe

150.000 ha

are currently onboard