25 years

of experience with international advising

50 years

of experience working with Danish farmers

150.000 ha

are currently onboard throughout Europe

Our mission

The world needs responsible farming. Farming which is able to transform itself based on healthier soils.

Healthy soil is achieved by gathering, developing and sharing knowledge on sustainable and innovative methods and processes. This way, we can assist larger international stakeholders in finding a solution to the global challenges we face. Through well documented consulting, we implement new solutions with a focus on actual profitability, while providing farmers with the knowledge and motivation for reassessing the value of soil, changing farming practices and changing agriculture. 

We want to make sure that sustainable and innovative methods means good business for the farmer, the climate, biodiversity and the environment.

what we do

Set goals

and develop key performance indicators for your sustainable farming transition


your agribusiness towards your future goals and maximize your current and future potentials

Build trust

by using an integrated consulting approach to take full responsibility for the realization of the top and bottom line gains of your farming operations