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31. March 2023

Agroganic is determined to be a leading player in regenerative agriculture: The topic of this year’s field experiments – BIOSTIMULANTS

During the past years, an array of new biostimulant products have hit the shelves. At Agroganic, we are testing the effects of some of these products to explore the benefits of biostimulants.

What are biostimulants? Biostimulants are neither pesticides nor fertilizers but an umbrella term for a range of substances that can be applied to the soil, seeds, or crops to stimulate growth. Many types of biostimulants have been introduced so far but some of the major groups include amino acids, compost extract containing microorganisms, and nitrogen fixating bacteria.

At Agroganic we want to know whether biostimulants could be one of the tools in the future of agriculture, leading to hardier crops, higher yields, and lower inputs of fertilizers and pesticides. To explore the potential of biostimulants, we have launched a series of field experiments to test the effects of amino acids and compost extracts in winter wheat, spring barley, and fava beans.

If you are as intrigued as we are to find out what these new products can do for the future of farming, keep an eye out for our upcoming articles and updates on the field experiments or contact us at if you already now want to get started on implementing biostimulants in your agribusiness.