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Precision farming – license to produce

Why, how, and when?

Why practice precision farming?
Precision farming is a great tool towards a more sustainable way of farming. We must use the available technology to enable a higher yield, cost-savings and additional benefits, such as increased biodiversity and better efficiency from field to field.

How do we get started?
One step at a time. It’s important to do it right the first time and do take the process at the right pace. It takes a lot of discipline for the individual to manage the new technology. Therefore, we must take small steps towards the full potential to reach the goal for each individual farm.

When should we start implementing precision farming?
Now. Why wait? We currently have great technology ready to use and these technologies can help us towards a sustainable way of farming.

What can we do?

Application maps for seed, fertilizer, and pesticides
A potential cost-saving and at least a redistribution of our input to use it the right way.

Implementation and support
Assistance with uploading and downloading application maps from various terminals.
Test of equipment before the season starts – it must work properly!
Consulting in equipment and technology – what is the best solution for you?

Spot Spraying
Drone flighting and weed detection on specific cases.
Up to 90% savings on our use of pesticides – license to produce!

Data management
Handling of YODA (Your Own Data).
Consulting in which way to use your own data for a more sustainable and affordable way of farming.

The process – how to reach your goal

What are we doing now and where are we going?

Together we will make a list of equipment, terminals, and fields, to get a full overview of the farm. This overview will help us organize the upcoming tasks and we will all be aligned with a complete timeline for the entire process. This organization is extremely important in the process of implementing precision farming.

Let’s get going!

Each individual farm-equipment for use of precision-farming, will be tested before the season starts. We must be sure that potential issues with the technology have been taking care of before we are going to use the technology on our fields.

Is it you or us?

The role of Agroganic in this process can be adjusted to the support you need. Agroganic creates the application maps, and we discuss these together for editing according to the field-knowledge of each farmer. The farmer creates the application maps themselves with support from Agroganic, to get the best result for each field.

Follow up – is it working?

The follow up session is very important. We must learn from the process and make adjustments for the upcoming season. The observations we make doing the season where precision farming is implemented, will help us the be even better for the next season.
Different field trials will also be very helpful and all this knowledge must be organized and used for the future.

Would you like to hear more? 

Please send us an e-mail at or call our specialist Andreas Rasmussen on +45 22 32 98 65