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Regenerative strategy and implementation

We support clients in introducing changes to their business through regenerative strategy planning and implementation. It can include formulating a strategy or helping the client modify the existing strategy towards a regenerative transition. 

In a sustainable agriculture transition, we often see issues where there is little-to-no dialogue between the decision makers and the practical implementation by farm managers. At Agroganic, we have both strategy consultants and agronomy consultants in-house, ready to work together on how you can successfully implement regenerative practices in your agribusiness.

The framework we operate within is as seen on the figure above. Every client has a different starting point, and therefore our strategy consulting will be tailored to fit your current situation and needs.

The steps will generally consist of the following:

  1. Clarify vision and values of the client
  2. Set strategic goals
  3. On-farm assessment and analysis
  4. Formulate detailed action plans
  5. Systematized follow-up of implementation


Call us on +45 2010 0096 if you would like to hear more.