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 1. Purpose and scope of the general conditions

These general terms and conditions (hereafter the terms and conditions) determine the detailed terms for Agrovi I/S v/Nordsjællands Landboforening and Dansk Udlandsrådgivnings (hereafter “seller”) the delivery of goods to a non-consumer/entrepreneur (hereafter referred to as the buyer) for purchases made via the seller’s website – shop on the seller’s website.

To the extent that nothing else has been agreed in writing, the general terms and conditions specified below apply and take precedence over any general terms and conditions of the seller.

2. Scope of services

The seller’s service consists of the delivery of goods and tickets for events, the detailed design, scope and delivery time of which are described on the seller’s website (webshop) and in the order confirmation.

3. Conclusion of agreement

A final purchase agreement is only considered concluded when the order has been confirmed in the webshop.

The seller disclaims all responsibility for any errors and information in material created by third parties. This applies to any kind of sales material, descriptions, user instructions, content on other websites, etc

4. Cancellation and change of orders

After placing an order, the buyer does not have the right to change it or cancel it.
If, despite the above, the seller separately approves a cancellation or change, the buyer is obliged to pay the costs associated with the cancellation or change.

 5. Return

Goods cannot be returned.

If, despite the above, it is agreed that the seller takes goods back, the goods must be unused, in perfect condition and in original and unbroken packaging.

The goods must be free of dirt etc. However, goods that have been specially produced and/or taken home to the buyer will never be returned.

Approved returned goods are credited with deduction of the fee set by the seller to cover return costs and the seller’s selling costs.

6. Especially about tickets for events

Purchases of tickets for events cannot be changed or refunded.

However, if the event is canceled by the seller, the ticket price will be refunded by the seller without undue delay. Amounts are refunded to the account used to pay for the ticket.

If the event is moved to another date or another location, and the buyer does not wish to participate in the changed event, the buyer is entitled to cancel the transaction and receive the purchase price back, if notification is given to the seller no later than 14 days after receiving the notification of the move of the event.

The seller is entitled to make adjustments and changes to an event, including changing speakers and performers, etc., as long as the event’s content or temporal extent does not change significantly. In the event of more significant changes, the buyer must be informed immediately and then has the option of canceling the purchase and getting payment returned.

7. Prices and invoicing

The agreed price for the ordered goods appears in the webshop and the seller’s order confirmation.

8. Payment

Goods and tickets are paid immediately upon purchase in the webshop with the payment methods specified there.

 9. Errors and omissions

The buyer is obliged to examine and test the delivered immediately after delivery, as thoroughly as the situation necessitates, in order to ascertain whether there are defects in the delivered, or whether the delivered is in accordance with the order confirmation, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

In order to claim that the delivered goods suffer from faults or defects (hereinafter referred to as “faults”), the buyer must make a written complaint to the Seller immediately after the fault is or should have been discovered. In connection with the complaint, the buyer must state and, on request, demonstrate how the fault manifests itself. The seller is solely responsible for errors that the buyer has complained about immediately after delivery of the defective item.

Should there be a fault in the delivered goods, the seller can choose whether the seller will remedy the fault, carry out redelivery, give a proportionate refusal or refund the purchase price.

 10. Delivery and transfer of risk

The delivery time stated in the order confirmation is only indicative for the seller, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

If a fixed delivery time has been agreed, the seller has the right to extend the deadline in the following cases;
a) Force majeure cf. point 13
b) In case of delay caused by the seller’s suppliers, transporters or other third parties
c) Unusual weather
d) Labor disputes for whatever reason
e) Public orders or prohibitions which the seller should not have foreseen when concluding the agreement.

The buyer is obliged to check the goods received.

11. Complaints about and responsibility for delay

The buyer must advertise in writing immediately upon ascertaining a delay, as the buyer otherwise loses any claim due to the delay.
In the event of a minor delay, a subsequent delivery will be made.

In the event of significant delay, the buyer is entitled to cancel the order. If successive delivery has been agreed, however, the Buyer is only entitled to cancel the delayed partial delivery.
The buyer is not entitled to any compensation due to the seller’s delay. This applies regardless of whether the buyer withdraws or maintains the purchase.

12. Product liability

The seller is liable according to the Product Liability Act, to the extent that the law invariably imposes liability on the seller for such damages, and the seller’s liability for this may not be legally limited.

 13. Force majeure

In the event that delivery, timely delivery or defect-free delivery, is prevented or delayed by events beyond the seller’s control, including but not limited to labor disputes, operational disruptions, transport difficulties or other third party failure or the like, the seller may without liability postpone delivery or cancel the order in whole or in part after own choice by notifying the buyer as soon as possible.

 14. Interpretation and Changes

These conditions apply to the extent that they are not explicitly and in writing deviated from between the buyer and the seller. Later deviations from the agreement or the conditions can only be done through the drawing up of a new agreement or a written addendum to the agreement.

The conditions can be revised and/or changed by the seller at any time. However, agreements already concluded are not affected by this.

15. Choice of law and venue

Disputes between the parties arising from the conditions, the agreement or the seller’s services in general, and which cannot be resolved amicably between the parties, must be settled according to Danish law by the ordinary courts at the seller’s place of residence at all times.

16. Personal information

 Personal data is processed in accordance with the seller’s “Policy for personal data”, which is available in the webshop.

17. Information about the seller

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