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Useful links

Here is some links to articles/videos, which could be useful to know, when you enroll the course.

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Cool Farm Tool

Read more about the international calculation model that forms the basis for Commodicarbon’s calculations.


Visit Commoditrader, where you can also create your profile on Commodicarbon.


Agrovi is a consulting center, close collaborator and developer of the learning material about/on? Commodiucarbon.

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Tentative price on CO2 certificates

Follow the price development of Co2 certificates here. The price is indicative/guiding?.

A year with Co2-production

For a year, NASA has been tracking CO2 production across the globe. Note how much Co2 is emitted in March-April, how many fields are plowed prior to spring crops

Green fields and strong Roots

The project “Green Fields, Strong Roots” has among other things examined the differences in operating economy and biodiversity on properties with resp. Conservation Agriculture, plowed and harrowed systems.

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FRDK is the Danish association for reduced agriculture. FRDK also sells catch crop mixtures and mediates the plow-free system in Denmark together with Agrovi.

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