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Articles about regenerative farming

What is regenerative agriculture? How do you get started? And other usefull information about regenerative agriculture.

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How no till farming improves soil health

24. May 2024
Get rid of the plow and save time and money while improving soil health and biodiversity Intensive plowing has been an integral part of agriculture…
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What is regenerative agriculture?

15. May 2024
Regenerative agriculture 101 – understand the basics The term regenerative agriculture has become unavoidable when talking about sustainable farmin…
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Study tour to the Groundswell Festival in England

16. April 2024
Studytour to Groundswell England June 24th to June 28th 2024 Again this year, Agrovi and Danish Farmers Abroad organize a study tour to England…
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How regenerative agriculture can solve our problems

21. March 2024
Transitioning to regenerative agriculture can help mitigate the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, make work easier for farmers, and provide a more…
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Nutrient Stratification in No-Till Soil. What Can We Do About It?

27. February 2024
By Frederik Vilhelm Larsen When you practice long-term direct seeding, phosphorus and potassium can become concentrated in the top of the soil. Thi…
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Nutrient stratification in no-till: How to take soil samples

15. February 2024
By Frederik Vilhelm Larsen, Crop Consultant, Agroganic Are you taking your soil samples correctly? It’s winter, and that means time for field plann…
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Joining the Green Revolution: Inviting Businesses to Embrace the Regenerative Movement

18. January 2024
– How Businesses and Organizations can become regenerative In an era where an increasing number of companies aspire to take responsibility for thei…
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2024 is the year the regenerative movement takes off

11. January 2024
“Regenerative agriculture” has been the new buzzword for sustainable cultivation systems throughout 2023, but for the agricultural consultants at A…
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Choosing the Right Seed Drill for No-Till Farming

4. January 2024
A Guide to Successful Regenerative Agriculture No-till farming is a key principle in conservation agriculture and regenerative farming, and choosin…
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Why Does Regenerative Agriculture Support the Use of Glyphosate?

19. December 2023
The EU Commission has renewed the approval of glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup) for 10 years, sparking outrage among activists and envi…
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How Soil Fertility Impacts Productivity

22. November 2023
Soil fertility is the foundation for a healthy and productive crop. A fertile soil is characterized by being able to provide crops with the necessa…
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How to store carbon in your soil with the Liquid Carbon Pathway

10. November 2023
What is the Liquid Carbon Pathway? The Liquid Carbon Pathway (LCP) is the process where plants turn CO2 from the atmosphere into soil carbon. The p…
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The benefits of lucerne as a perennial living mulch

27. October 2023
In regenerative farming, we are constantly on the lookout for new methods that help us take care of and improve our soil. Frederik V. Larsen, no-ti…
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How to plan a successful crop rotation

14. September 2023
Growing monoculture year after year increases the risk of persistent weeds, diseases, and pests multiplying. A well thought-out crop rotation is e…
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How to prioritize your sustainability actions

8. September 2023
Farmers deliver food, feed, and fuel to the world, and while these services are essential, it is also necessary that they are provided in a sustain…
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Farming in the Baltics

1. September 2023
Running an agriculture business in the Baltics is not for the faint of heart. The enormous size of the large-scale properties takes hard work, dete…
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Improve soil microbial life to improve your soil

10. August 2023
Soil microbes drive a myriad of beneficial processes that are essential for a healthy soil. Increased microbial activity leads to higher nutrient a…
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Companion crops can help reduce your input

24. July 2023
Companion crops are a secondary crop grown with the cash crop and are an important part of regenerative agriculture. “When done right, companion cr…
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Regenerative is where realistic and ambitious meet

3. July 2023
The path to regenerative farming is a journey, not an overnight change, but it pays off in the end. Farming regeneratively results in more resilien…
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Reasons to document your sustainable development

17. May 2023
Your first question might be: what exactly is an ESG report? ESG stands for Environment (E), Social (S), and Governance (G), and to make an ESG rep…
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Meet our new consultant Jeppe Grabow!

8. May 2023
At Agroganic, we are lucky to have Jeppe Grabow as the newest addition to our consultant team. Jeppe has many years of practical experience with la…
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The principles of direct drilling

26. April 2023
Direct drilling is a convenient way to establish your crop. It can save time and costs, and it’s good for the soil. During direct drilling, seeds a…
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Get started with precision farming

21. April 2023
Precision farming is a great tool towards a more sustainable way of farming. The available technology allows us to achieve higher yields, save cost…
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The Path to Regenerative Agriculture

14. April 2023
Regenerative agriculture isn’t achieved overnight but there are many steps you can take to get you closer to that goal. No till farming is one of t…
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31. March 2023
Agroganic is determined to be a leading player in regenerative agriculture: The topic of this year’s field experiments – BIOSTIMULANTS During the p…